Billing Agreement

Explaining our monthly billing plans and policy.

GrowthLever is a full-service outreach company. By engaging with GrowthLever you agree and acknowledge to the Terms of Service found here.

Understanding Monthly Plans

Leads and Appointment Setting

GrowthLever provides Sales Development Representatives (SDRs). Our team begins by initiating an Onboarding Interview by asking ~30 questions in a 45-minute process. This interview generates a form response that guides content development and prospect research. After it's been received we reach out with confirmation, an introduction, and the next steps. Our research and content sequences are sent to you within 36 hours of the form response. We're happy to collaborate through as many iterations until you're confident to launch a campaign with us.

At Launch, you are sent a confirmation email with a link to the Trello board where every response, message, and conversation is tracked in real-time to ensure our team is meeting your expectations with full transparency. You can also reach out to us for a Performance Report and detailed Billing Report. At any point that you want to increase the amount of sales reps, you are allowed to with no difference in the pricing model.

How does the $5/reply work?

*GrowthLever charges $5 for the first response that a prospect responds to only if the assigned SDR follows up. SDRs are trained to only follow up with prospects they believe can be converted into a sales call. If the SDR follows up with the prospects response then they are responsible for managing it;s follow-ups and keeping conversations warm.

  • GrowthLever will not bill for every message exchanged with the prospect, only the first one.

  • GrowthLever does not charge for negative responses that its SDRs do not follow-up on.

  • GrowthLever will charge for prospects with unqualified outcomes if the first message was worthwhile.

When am I billed?

*GrowthLever auto-bill the responses every Friday at 2pm to 6pm CST.

*If a campaign is canceled, a final charge will take place on the day the cancellation form is submitted.

*Billing cycles run from Week A’s Friday to Week B’s Thursday.

*We provide referral discounts at a rate of $100 per month that your referee is active with us. This $100 is credited to your monthly renewal. If you have a pending credit balance on the account, we'll provide the credits to your per response charges.

April 2020 Billing Cycle - example

Friday, April 3 to Thursday, April 9

Friday, April 10 to Thursday, April 16

Friday, April 17 to Thursday, April 23

Friday, April 24 to Thursday, April 30

Refund Policy

Due to GrowthLever's business model with a cancel-anytime policy, the client understands that a refund will not be available.

Cancellation Policy: On the day of service cancelation between the client and GrowthlLever, the client will be billed for any outstanding responses from its prospects. | | Last updated 7/16/2020